Posted by: Megan | February 16, 2009

ya sas!

kalispera ξένος!  (good afternoon, strangers)

i felt like i should write an outline for my first blog post – so much has happened in only 3 weeks!!

first of all, jacci and i arrived on january 28 and were the first in the alexandrias building. we were the lonely pioneers… the sole study abroad students in our huge apartment building. we spent some time exploring our area (that i’m still not quite familiar with) and it was gorgeous when we first arrived. however, anything would’ve felt better than iowa at that point.

i love living close to the sea – it’s so picturesque and soothing! it’s not too far to take a walk by the water, and there are adorable cafes lining the streets and many crepe/toast restaurants as well as places you can buy gyros (pronounced like “euros”). seriously the tastiest thing i’ve found so far – covered in tzatziki (cucumber yogurty sauce) and topped with fries! mmm… anyway, a ways down is the white tower, which is near the center (aka ‘downtown’). the center is where it all goes down – tons of shopping, which could be dangerous for someone like me, clubs & bars as well as ruins and other unique buildings.

also in the center is Athenos, which is a little area of tavernas where the employees of assorted restaurants come out and persuade you to come into their places with promises of free wine and whatnot. we’ve frequented a place often enough now that they offered us girls a free table!

there are a ton of markets around the city, too. they sell everything from home decor to squid. seriously – you can buy your groceries and get some new clothes (like a dress for 3 euro!). sometimes overwhelming, but always a fun experience. “a treat for the eyes and the ears!”

we’ve also visited Vergina, which is home to a tomb of Alexander the Great (he’s kind of a big deal around here) and other cool stuff that archeologists dug up. did you know that alexander and cleopatra were brother and sister and lovers? i didn’t before that trip, but maybe it’s common knowledge…

other notable happenings in the past few weeks: i’ve been to a few live music bars but have yet to visit an actual club. every week night i considered it, i was too exhausted by 1 am to really think about staying out for another 2-4 hours. but, my schedule conveniently doesn’t include tuesday or thursday classes, so another girl and I are planning day trips and figuring out when our vacations can be extended a little longer.

also, one thing i was not expecting was that our toilet paper doesn’t go in the toilet. nope, it’s all third world style, we throw it in a trash can. i thought i was done with that after going to Dominican!

anyway, i’ve rambled enough in this catch-up. next time i promise to be a bit more specific… bye for now!
ya sas xoxo


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