Posted by: Megan | February 20, 2009

home cooking, hookah, carnival, and on..

at least they have large portions...

at least they have large portions...

my week started off with a very American day: yeah, three weeks in, I caved and went to Starbucks in hopes of finding a familiar coffee drink and internet access. well, one for two isn’t bad – turns out, they don’t allow people internet on sundays. but Starbucks itself was enjoyable – many families chatting, two floors with a beautiful view of the sea and a soy latte. i’m learning to like coffee! after i got back, i practiced my Greek – on my way to being fluent – and went to Ruby Tuesdays! for shame. i probably won’t have american food for a while, it was so overpriced! plus, greek food is better 🙂

after that, though, we decided to play some cards. while brainstorming, i asked if anyone knew trump games, and was met by 8 blank stares. what?! after a little bit of instruction, i was able to teach everyone how to play up and down the river – and i think almost everyone liked it! luckily, i was able to find people who know euchre later on… gonna have to get some of that started..

monday night, my roomie and i were planning on making a very sophisticated dinner of chicken cordon bleu and mac and cheese, but were invited by stephanie last minute to have spaghetti with meat sauce that their friends cooked up… so good! we had garlic bread and olive oil, too. mmm…

later that night we all went to do hookah downtown. i hookahhaven’t done it in about a year, so i was so pumped to try guava, peach and coconut (definitely the best, by the way). i think i might’ve gotten a little over my head, though – i was definitely starting to feel it, and leaned back on the plush couches (outside! so much seating outside – with heaters, don’t worry) only to encounter a severe wave of nausea. apparently my body can only handle so much tobacco intake, though you think i’d be stronger after being surrounded by so much secondhand smoke! rohit and i left shortly after.

i’m starting to get the hang of classes here, too. professors like to go on tangents that have vague ties to our actual topics. sometimes these help the classes go by quickly, and i must admit i find examples helpful. i’m not sure how difficult tests or assignments will be, which makes me sort of uneasy, but i’m not too worried about it at this point.

a sunny day by the sea

a sunny day by the sea

luckily, i only have classes on MWF, so Danielle and i are planning tiny adventures for our days off. we’re hoping to travel to kavala at some point, as well as edessa. other study abroad students have already traveled to edessa, which is known for gorgeous waterfalls and hot springs! this tuesday we took it easy and went shopping downtown, which was fantastic. unfortunately, i don’t think i’ll be able to make that a common occurrence… too many temptations. we also finally found a store that many Greeks have recommended, called “pull and bear” and it didn’t disappoint! i bought the cutest coat.

this entire week has been filled with stressful travel plans – i think it must be the most difficult aspect of living here. one frustrating thing i’ve noted is that, if i were only one country away, ryanair and easy jet could transport me around europe for less than 20 E! as it is, it’s pretty hard/expensive/laborious to get out of greece. i’m trying to find the most direct routes for the cheapest prices, whether by plane, train or automobile; however, i seem to be technologically challenged in searching for this stuff, which makes planning trips pretty hard… but i can’t complain 🙂

"say 'filo'!"

"say 'filo'!"

wednesday night, kate helped a bunch of us make cheese pies! it’s a common food here, consisting of a filo dough “crust” and feta cheese and egg filling. it was pretty tasty, but i think i prefer feta in smaller amounts. it was actually good with ketchup, too!! haha. hopefully i can put the recipe up soon.

last night, most of us attended ‘barbeque night’ of CARNIVAL! carnival is like mardi gras here, and lasts for three weeks before lent begins. Greek Orthodox religion is huge, but apparently carnival is an opportunity to go crazy and cut loose before Greeks start to think about Easter, Jesus, etc.

anyway, thursday meant meat and the whole town was bustling – restaurants served souvlaki, which is a kebob, basically, and people dressed up all crazy! the buses were full, so it was an adventure trying to make our way around – especially with the windy weather – but we finally arrived to milos, where our festivities were being held.

i think there were some of us who were expecting to be more like the flyer – a sort of cultural celebration – and less like an amped up halloween party in the middle of february. nevertheless, there were dancers, local musicians, Brazilian performers (hmm?), a drum line and an expansive dance floor, which served as a showcase for everyone’s ludicrous outfits. so loud, so crazy and so fun!


Brazilian band
Brazilian band

tonight we’re heading to delphi by way of overnight train. it’s the home of the oracle, which is supposedly a well known thing (that i’d never heard of)… so more on that later! Αντίο!



  1. Megan – hookahs and gyros by the beautiful blue sea, nothing could be finer. love your blog, it’s a great way for us to enjoy your adventure vicariously, you lucky girl.

    Your female relatives have some hookah experience – the Hoefer women, Rose, Mitz and me – ask us about the hookah bar in Seattle 🙂

    What classes are you taking, Megan?
    thanks for sharing!
    Aunt Jeannie

  2. Hi Megan, it is wonderful you have this blog to share your experiences. I have always wanted to visit Greece so enjoy hearing about the places you are visiting and about things to do in different areas. maybe some day I will have an opportunity to see some of what you are experiencing. The only time I’ve been to a hooka bar was in Seattle when we did a Mitchell/Duffy women’s getaway, I believe it was 2004, but am not sure. Keep on having fun, you will carry your memories with you the rest of your life. love mitzie

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