Posted by: Megan | March 4, 2009

happy discoveries

Me, Ashley and Megan at Noodle Bar

Me, Ashley and Megan at Noodle Bar

this past week was filled with more discovered treasures and learning experiences. let’s see… last tuesday, ashley and i wandered around downtown – did a little shopping (window only for me) and found a cute Jewish village. i love walking around here… every day we find another “hidden” section of town, and i feel like there isn’t enough time to see everything!

that night, megan, ashley and i ate at noodle bar, which serves Americanized Chinese food… in Greece… haha. it was good – and you should see people’s heads turn when we say we ate Chinese! it’s been a while since most study abroad students have seen anything resembling Chinese/Thai cuisine, so that was fun.

Jen, Miki and Danielle at Pollock

Jen, Miki and Danielle at Pollock

Sushi!!our Asian food kick continued through wednesday, when we ate at Pollock for Miki’s birthday. after a looong walk by the water, we arrived to the stunning restaurant, with decorations inspired by the artist. we were planning on dancing afterward, but again, it didn’t happen. i just don’t think it’s in the stars for me 😦 it was great, though, just to sit at the restaurant and talk. i think i’m really starting to adjust to the Greek way of enjoying meals – just sitting at the table for hours! the group next to us even brought their tiny puppies for the outing,  and let us hold them, too!

of course, this weekend i got to travel to santorini – which i’ll write about later – and returned yesterday. it was a long ride back, but totally worth it. even though i was sleepy last night (and my first quiz to worry about – eek), i went with ashley, megan and shannon to a Bible study group with Greek students from Aristotle University. it was so cool to be reminded that God is everywhere, and to hear their opinions on the topic – politics and Christianity. we had a translator from Ethiopia, so we were able to follow along alright, but our participation was limited. still awesome to actually hang out with locals and play their version of BS – “μπλόφα” (sounds like blowfa) 🙂 young Christians are somewhat rare here, but there were about 15 at Agape.

and, by popular demand, a little about school… i have 4 classes: Greek language, Greek music, marketing 101 and Greek anthropology. i’m trying to absorb as much of their culture as possible! my favorite class is probably Greek language – i am really enjoying learning bits of their language. it’s coming slowly, but it helps to be surrounded by it daily. i felt so accomplished just learning their alphabet! it’s a constant process, but it’s also the most entertaining class, with everyone putting their speaking/reading skills to the test.

it’s also interesting to learn a lot about the history of Greeks – they’re still pretty bitter about Turkish rule and the Ottoman empire, but they have a lot of pride in their ancient roots. after all, they take credit for developing democracy, drama, science and philosophy, among other things.

well, that’s all for now. look back for a post about santorini!!

Με αγάπη (with love),

Pollock Tiny puppies!


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