Posted by: Megan | March 5, 2009


i finally did it!!

i went out dancing to a club called “Dogs” – just the it place in Thessaloniki 🙂 one of my friends asked a girl who had previously studied in Greece what we should see, places to go, things to do, etc. and the girl responded, “i have one word for you – DOGS.”

anyway, i’m not sure it lived up to every expectation i had, thanks to party girl, but it was definitely a good time. it didn’t start out that way, though… at first, i was so thankful that i hadn’t wasted euros on clubbing because it was just dreadful. way too crowded and random Greek guys all up on you. literally, i moved next to a table, thinking “i’ll be safe here” and a guy got up on the table and started dancing! horrible.

the club has two floors (the upstairs was closed, seeing as it was a Wednesday night) with two rooms on the bottom, basically, with huge bars in the center of each. so you have to wriggle your way around – usually with 2 or three girls in tow – only to end up in a more claustrophobic position. finally, though, people drifted out and there was more room to groove. which was a relief, considering a good chunk of the ACT students were there 🙂

so we closed the place down [obvs] and took our taxi back home. i was not tired at all, so imagine my delight when i got to chat with 3 of my bffs until the break of dawn. aw, what a night.




  1. omg… it sounds like we had very simmilar dogs experiences.

    def a good time but…

    it’s called “dogs” for a reason! haha

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