Posted by: Megan | March 31, 2009


goodness, it’s hard to keep up with blogging …things have been so busy here in Europe 🙂 i went on a two-week escapade with katie, a friend who’s studying in florence, and met up with justin, a friend currently in london. went to london, barcelona, madrid, dublin, vienna and prague!! more on that later…

it’s been almost a month since i got to explore the beautiful island of santorini. probably the most famous island of Greece, the island consists of a caldera blown out by a volcano, which creates stunning scenery almost everywhere you turn. danielle, dewey and i traveled together for a four-day weekend and had a spectacular time.

we rented a car the day after we arrived, to make the most out of our experience. and we saw every aspect of the island we could imagine… traveled down dusty, bumpy back roads to go to deserted beaches, or see the view from a jagged cliff.

we also got to do some shopping – bought some jewelry and other gifts for people back home. it’s just going to be fun to say “oh yeah, i got that for you in santorini” 🙂 well, i think so anyway.

also ate some wonderful food while we were there. dionysos definitely had the best souvlaki i’ve had over here so far. and the service was spectacular!! even when we returned the next afternoon to drink coffee and “study,” they handled one drunk American navy soldier’s ramblings very well. we also ate at another restaurant and the man who owned it offered danielle and i waitressing positions for the summer! how wonderful would that be?

but all in all, it was so great to experience santorini – even in the off season. we got to dance to some britney tunes at a bar, see the stunning sunset of oia, drive a CAR in greece and sit on a black sand beach! i think the pictures will be able to say more than i can…

until next time 🙂 φιλάκια!



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